The University of Nebraska Medical Center is included in the Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis.

What would you do to improve moving in and around Omaha’s urban core?

Metro and the City of Omaha want to know. The partnership has launched the Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis to develop and evaluate potential transit alternatives in the corridor between downtown Omaha, midtown Omaha, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the Crossroads and Aksarben Village areas. The study, projected to take the next 18 months, will:

  • Analyze the mobility needs in the area
  • Identify and compare the costs, benefits and impacts of various transit alternatives

At its conclusion, locally preferred transit alternatives will be recommended for future evaluation.

So if you live, work or spend time in any of these areas, here’s a suggestion – give Metro and the city your feedback. If you’ve never ridden a city bus in your life, tell them why. Better yet, hop aboard one and then document your experience. Take a few moments to learn the difference between enhanced bus service and bus rapid transit and the modern street car.

Yes, it’s another study, but it’s also another chance to express your point of view and lobby for the options you’d be willing to support. You might learn something in the process – something that changes the way you commute, get downtown for dinner or take in a movie at Aksarben Village. It might even make you rethink where you live in the city.

Your first opportunity is an open house set for tonight, May 30, from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Thompson Alumni Center at UNO. You can also leave your ideas – and vote on others – at, follow them on Facebook, join their email list, email the partnership at, or call them at 888.692.2678.